Vintage Memo 102 - Go Anywhere Dress & Color Analysis


I love everything about this vintage dress with its knit polyester material and vivid red, white and blue graphic pattern design.  It's not a LBD, however it's simplicity in design definitely makes it very characteristic of the LBD.  Wears easy and travels just as well...a definite plus that answers the "What do I wear" question that's comfortably exciting without going over the top. 

Tips For Presenting Your Best You
Many vintage wears have such exciting colors...color combinations that many times are hard to find in simplistic modern design at affordable price points.  It's a really good idea to identify color that looks well with skin tone.  For example...It's funny how noticeable the color red is.  Doesn't matter if you are cool or warm skin tone, you can find a red that goes great with your skin.  There are a host of ways to identify skin tone.  However one quick tip is to look at the color of your viens on your wrists in natural light.  If your viens are bluish in color, then chances are you are a cool skin tone.  If your viens are greenish in color then chances are you are a warm skin tone.  Based on this analysis, you would choose colors that match your skin tone when selecting your OOTD.  If you fall within the cool category, then select a red that has bluish under tones instead of a red with an orange under tone for the warm category.

What I'm Wearing Today
Oliver Peoples Sunnies, Lagos Earrings & Ring, John Hardy Necklace Pendant Necklace, David Yurman Bracelet, Vintage Dress & Clutch, The Limited Belt, and Gianvito Rossi Heels. 

Fall 2014 - Sweaters Sweaters & More Sweaters


Sweaters are hotter than ever, although they were hot last year as well.  Seems like we just can't get enough of every type of sweater...Big slouchy knits, cable knits, jumpers, crop sweaters of every variety, sheer from barely sheer to show off everything, grandmom's sweater down to vintage sweater wears.  Throw it all into what's trending, however the trick is to still look current.  I really think that's the only rule if there needs to be any rules at all.

Styling Tip  
Older Sweaters:  I've always said to make an older piece work whether its from last year, a few years old, or vintage just mix in something current and modern from your own wardrobe.  This is always the rule and I've found that this standard always always works.  

Pairing Black & White:  The trick with black and white although a simple combination is to not look like you work at a restaurant if you aren't dressing for work at a restaurant.  Incorporating graphics usually will mitigate this risk, however if graphic prints is not your thing, then going a little beyond the basic black pant & white shirt will likely do the trick...Detailing is key.   Mixing different textures will definitely keep you from going down that dreadful road of looking like you're in uniform.

What I'm Wearing Today
Persol Sunnies, Lagos Earrings & Ring, John Hardy Pendant Necklace, Hermes Bracelets, Unbranded Bracelet, Chanel Clutch, BCBG Belt, J. Crew Sweater, ASOS Skirt, Valentino Booties. 

Neon Lemon Yellow


Loving my lemon yellow and if I could wear this slice of lemon all year around I would surely do it. Turning up the sunshine would truely make it all smiles for me.

Styling Tip  
I know that neon colors are not the easiest to pair just right.  Of course if you are hesitant the best move is to start off small coordinating one neon with a neutral color.  Since the skirt already included a neon yellow and neutral pink color combination, the other OOTD selections were very easy to pull together.  Anchoring my outfit with a neutral base (i.e. handbag and heels) was the next best choice, which also alleviated any pressure attempt to be too matchy.  

What I'm Wearing Today
Oliver Peoples Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, John Hardy Pendant Necklace, David Yurman Bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff Handbag, Vintage Wrap Belt, Zara Knit Sweater, BCBG Skirt,  Boutique 9 Heels. 

Hair Accessories:  Inexpensive unbranded stud earrings placed along the braiding.

Striking A Weight Balance


Black and white is the only color combination that transcends so many barriers.   The average person can make this color duo work no matter what the personal style and/or the individual occasion.  Black and white just works; from day to evening and throughout all seasons; it is an all around favorite for most people...doesn't matter if you are male or female...It's just classic!

Styling Tip  
Since I consider myself to have a minimalistic...sort of simplistic styling, a black and white duo is an easy choice for me.  

Striking A Balance - All things are not necessarily equal.  Just want to point out that although black and white is a sure bet, striking a balance in selecting a shoe was important.  Since I have paired a heavy shoe bootie with a light and airy dress, I also decided to wear a heavier handbag...normally I would grab a small clutch.  However to not have the black leather bootie overpower the light white dress, I opted for a heavier black leather bag with a medium size black leather belt that also helped to give this OOTD balance.  If something about an outfit seems a little off, keep in mind that balance is important.  Trying different options will help identify the best weight coordination for accessories.

What I'm Wearing Today
Bvlgari Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Hermes Bracelets, Chanel Handbag, BCBG Belt and  Dress, Valentino Heels. 

Sunday's Best


Blue seems to be the color of choice this summer for me.  Funny how when using this term it sometimes reflects feelings of sadness.  However, the color blue is actually a very calming color on the emotions.  I'm feeling really blessed this Sunday morning...not feeling "blue" at all.  Getting ready for church in one of my Sunday's Best attire.   Wishing everyone many blessing today and always!

Styling Tip  
Don't be hesitent about selecting multi-colored shoes.  I know this can be a deterent for some.  Instead of looking at the shoe with a coat of many colors, concentrate more on the individual colors.  If the shoe includes many of the colors that you already have in your current wardrobe, then I would say that you will probably have no problem matching the shoe up with what you already have.  But don't despair if that is not the case.  If you don't, then think on whether you have other complimentary or constrasting colors in your wardrobe.  If you do, then adding an accessory (i.e. scarves, bracelets, jewelry, handbag, sunnies, and/or belt) is all you will need to bring more focus to that color to look coordinated with your outfit of the day.  Today all I added was the purple sunnies and belt to coordinate with my shoes...that was easy!

What I'm Wearing Today
Tom Ford Sunnies, Lagos Earrings & Bracelets, , Unbranded Clutch, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Dress (for Target Collaboration), Nancy Gonzales Belt, Prada Heels. 

Body Contouring With Color


Two colors...a layering affect that contours the body shape.  There are so many dresses today that contours the body.  I think body contouring with the use of color is a great technique to add to any personal styling system.

Styling Tip  
Anyone can create their own body contouring look by simply using overlapping contrasting dark and light colors.  If you're going for a slimming affect then the darker color should be layered over the lighter color.  If you are going for a fuller affect then the lighter color should be layered over the darker color.  

Slimming Example - My blue jean jacket layered over my lemon ice sweater dress, provides a slimming affect with the help of a wrap belt.  Cinches my waist, camoflauges side bulging providing a smoother appearance while also minimizing the widness of my hips.  I definitely look slimmer with the jean jacket than without.  Think about this styling tip if you have been putting off wearing a more fitted dress.  The right jacket or sweater can definitely provide that little extra support without being overdone to pull your look off well.

Lastly,  SAVE THE FEET PLEASE - I love my high top sneakers while I'm in transit to any destination.  Now don't get me wrong, I love my heels too...the stilettos worn today are beautiful, but a little uncomfortable.  Heels (if comfortable) don't remain comfortable usually more than two-three hours.  So my sneakers and sandals are always right there for me until my heels are called for duty!

What I'm Wearing Today
Oliver Peoples Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Lucky Brand Earrings, Unbranded Bracelet, BCBG Clutch, Levis Jacket, Magaschoni Dress, The Limited Wrap Belt, Kurt Geiger Heels & Ash Sneakers.

Minimalistic Style


Minimal in the sense of resisting the urge to add unnecessary additions to a look.  Less is more...  More effective than approaching it from the other direction - at least in my opinion.  I didn't need to add a multitude of accessories or other stuff.  When I learned this, I felt free.  Being minimalistic is just my thing now.

Styling Tip  
It took me some time to figure out my comfort level in knowing when to say when.  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis one of America's famous icon's even still today, her iconic style is simply effortless.  Never overdone or undone, just simplistic.  My style is very similar.  

So how did I free myself from the urge of overdoing trail an error and never wanting to look overdone or undone of course.  It was a very conscience effort at first.  It was just as simple as looking over a few options in the mirror before leaving the house.  Going with what my inner self selected.  Less versus more...98% of the time "LESS" fit my comfort level and was more appealing for my taste.  Never have I been disappointed when taking a minute or two to select the right option that truly identifies my minimalistic style.

What I'm Wearing Today
Oliver Peoples Sunnies, Lagos Earrings & Ring, Zara Necklace, Unbranded Clutch, David Meister Dress, WCM New York Belt, Christian Louboutin Heels.