Calling All Professionals


Appropriate work attire will dictate how other people perceive us professionally, which plays a big part in both development and promotional opportunities.  Even in a somewhat relaxed setting, women in particular have to be conscience of our curves and appropriate cover.  You know it's unsettling when males make comments about women needing to cover it up because parts that should be private are not so private.  Okay...enough said. The outfit of the day...full coverage, feminine, and professional!   See Pics

Style Tip:  There are high-waist skirts and then there are really high-waist skirts.  My choice ...A truely high-waist straight midi skirt.  Any body-type can wear a high-waist skirt.  Today there are many lenghts and styles to choose from A-line to pencil...from mini to can rock your style of choice.  Additonally...definition at the waist helps to accentuate your curves in the right way topped off with a pair of heels.
Get The Look
What I'm Wearing Today:  Tom Ford Sunnies, David Yurman Earrings and Bracelets, Zara Necklace, Thakoon by Target Coat, SMI Sport Knit Sweater, Benelton Knit Skirt, Limited Obi Belt, Kurt Geiger Shoes, Hand Made Alligator Clutch.

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