Nautically Speaking


My sunny day in blue and white strip...a slightly different take on the nautical look...I feel like sailing somewhere really beautiful, tropical, and relaxing! 

Styling Tip:  I like strips, but they don't work for me in all situations.  Thinner strips as oppose to thick bold strips work better.   I have found that I can wear strips on the top as oppose to the bottom half of my body.  In many cases if the body is not proportioned like an hour-glass, what works for the top may not work for the bottom and visa versa.  If you really like a certain print that doesn't work for the top half of your body then try the bottom half and visa versa.  Try different proportions...most likely you can fit your favorite print in your's always about proportions.

What I'm Wearing
Persol sunnies, Lagos earrings, Zara knit crop top and necklace, Camilla Olsen cage skirt, Alexander Wang shoes, Unbranded crocodile clutch.

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