I never need an excuse to wear sequins.  Some like to reserve them for holidays, but there are ways to work sequins into the rest of the year without having a holiday to support your reasons why...if you love them like me read the styling tips below.

Styling Tip - -

Six Options For Wearing Sequins:
  1. Wear one piece of sequins at a time (including accessories and shoes, etc.)
  2. Pair down the other items worn with sequins.
  3. Keep it simple...Monochromatic color palette will also help to reduce the hype.  This style works great for a night out on the town or a really nice dinner outing.
  4. Accessorize with either a sequin collar or sequined shoes.
  5. A little or a lot...Not all sequined items are equally the same. Decide how much sequins is enough and don't over due it.
  6. I'll normally wear a sequined top.  To tone it down a bit, I'll also wear a jacket or blazer.  This really tones it down, exposing a small amount of sequins through the jacket.

What I'm Wearing
Loft sunnies, Lagos earrings, David Yurman ring and bracelets, Joseph A. sequined knit top, Loft pants, Balenciaga shoes, Fendi oversized clutch.

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