The Sexy Black Lace...


BCBG brings a really sexy lace bootie.  Althought black lace is sexy, it is still acceptable to wear just about anywhere.  I bought this one a little while ago so I'm not sure if it is still available (went up to a size 12). I love that BCBG have added the studs for contrast to the lace.  One really good thing is that BCBG has reinforced the toe area as we all know lace can be really delicate.  Nice Job BCBG!  The heel is about 4.5 inches.  I know some don't like zippers.  This bootie does have a back zipper instead of a side zipper.  

This is my shoe fancy for this week.  Hope you love it too!

What I'm Wearing
BCBG "MA-Whim" Black Mesh Bootie

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