Just Peachy


I love to keep things simple.  This is classic me...no fussiness required.  Just keep it clean and elegant.

Styling Tip:  I think clean and simple is the easiest look to pull off, but often times we over think what works.  I consider texture and what goes great with my skin tone.  Mixing of textures even with one or two colors can be simple but also beautiful.  

Black contrasting with Peach is a great color coordination.   Black as a receding color helps to reduce my waist visually.  Same goes for black lace booties...makes my feet look smaller.  Remember black (most dark colors actually) makes things look smaller.  Every chance I get, I'll style black pieces at my waist or bottom half and/or feet.  

What I'm Wearing Today
Bvlgari Sunnies, Lago Earrings, David Yurman Necklace, Hand Made Glass Bracelet, Calvin Klein Dress, Hobo International Belt, Botkier Clutch, BCBG Booties.

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