Vintage Memo 100 - Red Polo


Everyone knows I love vintage finds.  This one reminds me of the old polo shirts I wore growing up. Recycling the old helps to save our environment, saves funds, while encouraging creativity.  So proud about this find with great quality fabric and construction under $30.00.  What vintage finds are you proud of?

Styling Tip:    When buying vintage think about your style profile of course, but also current fashion trends.  Current trends dictate the hot color of the seasons (i.e. a pale blue is hot now), or patterns (florals are hot now), or even a particular cut or type of design (a-line and midi skirts are hot now).  Of course, there are certain classic designs that are always current such as a sheath style dress like I'm wearing today belted.  If you think of classic styles and current trends, shopping vintage will be much more enjoyable and fun.  Styling becomes easy when the find fits your style and/or the current trends.

What I'm Wearing Today
Unbranded Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Unbranded Vintage Bracelet, The Limited Obi Belt, R&K Knits Vintage Dress, Hermes Tote, Unbranded Newsboy Cap, Stuart Weitzman Heels.

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