African Print Meets Modern Design


 Who doesn't love beautiful african prints making all types of statements on the fashion scene today? African prints have held their own weight in gold emerging into so many cultures and influencing many designers across the globe. The influenced have in turn incorporated these prints into their collections making their way onto various runways year after year.  I'm so proud of the african prints in how diverse it has become!!!  

I have definitely been influenced by african prints and designs (See my Pinterest page of african prints I love).  I was so pleased when I ran across this top by Manish Arora.  My friend took one look at it and simply stated "African Print Meets Modern Design" which was a perfect description of what I was thinking exactly.  I'm looking for a few african prints to add to my wardrobe for your average size american women... so if anyone knows of any good finds, please drop me a line.

Styling Tip  
Like any other type of graphic print, working african print pieces into a wardrobe and making it manageable for work is not difficult if that is your concern.  Any print mixed with a natural...whites, blacks and even pairing it with a solid color will work.  For example yellow or green pulled directly from the african print design makes it simplictic, tones down the vivacious combination while complimenting the collaboration all at the same time.  Wearing a single african print piece (top or bottom) makes it even more manageable in pulling off a look that anyone can feel confident in.
What I'm Wearing Today
Persol Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Bracelet from Africa, Lucky Ring, Manish Arora Top, BCBG Pants, Ikea Laptop Case as a Clutch, Joan & David Heels, Hobo International Belt.

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