Having Fun With Peter Pilotto - Part 1


The Peter Pilotto collaboration with Target was launched back in February and I had mentioned at that time about the purchase of several pieces of the collection to experiment with.  As I have stated multiple times before I really don't do the print on print combinations, but I was willing to try via this collection.  I also tried the look with Black sunnies and  White sunnies, because I LOVE my sunnies.  Funny how sunnies can instantly change the mood of what you're wearing. 

Below I utilized the Style-Phyles! 6-point collection rating scale: (in bold print below):

  • Price: Very Reasonable=$($21-$35), Reasonable=$$, Somewhat Pricey=$$$,  Expensive=$$$$
  • Quality Materials:  Very good, Good, Fair, Poor - Not Recommended
  • Construction:  Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor - Not Recommended
  • Sizing / Fit:  True to Size, Runs Small, Runs Big, Awkard Fit
  • Ease of Movement: Very Functional, Functional, Uncomfortable, Very Restrictive
  • Influence to Buy:  I Would Recommend This Collection/Brand, I Would NOT Recommend This Collection/Brand.

SP! Opinion:  I thought the collection provided a good selection of pieces to choose from.  Very interchangeable within the collection and other brands.  A great source of color.   Also easy to care for including a polyester or cotton blend.  Skirts and dresses included linings and hidden zippers and the sizes ran up to XL which translate to sizes 14-16.  Love the coolness of this 2 piece set...definitely brightened up my day.  See Upcoming posts for the other pieces within the Peter Pilotto/Target collaboration 2014.

*Just to note - All opinions are my own...never brand paid nor brand influenced.
What I'm Wearing Today
Versace Black Sunnies, Unbranded White Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Peter Pilotto Top and Skirt, Hobo International Belt, Alexander Wang Heels.

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