I Loved Me First


As a woman I think women (including myself) have been so critical of self and one another.  It's important to change negative perspectives, because it's not only damaging to what we say and do to one another, it also impacts how we think, the choices we make, and what we see or don't see for self...our children...our family.  All this is hugely connected to our life accomplishments and how we help or hinder those in our circle and beyond.  Just think about this and the impacts for a moment please.  Cause this is really HUGE.

I'm doing something a little different with this post.  Just wanted to share a short poem I wrote about LOVING SELF...

I'm loving the skin I'm in. 
I'm Loving the skin I'm in!
I'm REALLY LOVING the skin I'm in!

Never about the world wide people's opinion.
Not even the clothes I've been in.

Not the premier brands, not the make-up, the handbags, or the shoes.
Fleeting yes...All these things is nothing to loose.

Self respect is all I have.
Truth to me, and to thee is how I be.
Life is too short to not LOVE the reflection I see.
You see...Love starts with me...

I can't give what I don't possess
Need to self assess to correct and address.

Self Love leads to...
Self Respect leads to...
A positive Self Image leads to...
A positive life perspective  - Global CHECK

Yes Love...Equips me with the ability to truly Love others.  

But, I Loved Me First which why is I'm now able to LOVE the skin I'm in!
What I'm Wearing Today
Loft Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Vintage Bracelet, Escada Blouse,  Calvin Klein Jeans, Valentino Booties, Botkier Clutch.

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