LACE - A Thing Of Beauty!


Some things never really go out of style and I think lace is one of those things.  I believe so because things that are by nature feminine (lace in this case) will always be at the beck and call of a woman.  Oh well...this is just my opinion, but clearly you get the notiion that I love lace and it will always be somewhere, some way, and some how in my wardrobe collection ready - willing - and able!

Styling Tip  
First - I want to admit that I didn't like this dress at first, although I really loved the lace.  When I tried it on, I tried it on as you see in the pics with the button down in the front, but the sale rep advised me that the button down actually buttons down the back.  I reversed it and hated the confined neckline. So I reversed it back and decided to buy and wear it the way I like.  Sometimes to make things work, we need to be a bit creative and a free thinker. I pinned the front down into a v-neck which was way more flattering on me and never worried for a moment about it being reversed.  This dress is so pretty and comfortable...bottom line -- this works so well for me!

Second - LACE IS THE STAR HERE:  My "keep it simple" attitude loves how easy it is to pull off a monochromatic look that ensures this lacey dress as the focal point.  Monochromatic means a single color with varying shades of the same color within that palette.  A good way to spice it up is to include various textures...Here I've teamed up leather and lace as I so often do as a somewhat contrasting of fabrics, but they work so well teamed together.  I love this creamy combination against my pecan tan skin tone as well.  Sometimes this is all the extra added color you need.  

Just a side note - Be selective about wearing your older lace to ensure it's a good fit with your look.  Additionally, it helps to make sure that you have incorporated some "On Trend" items to keep your look don't want your look to age you + 20 years or greater, which can be the down side to lace as it gets older.  I do believe that older lace should be whole (good condition) intact (no snags, holes or rips) and, color - on point (No fading or even fading throughout is ok as long as it's pleasing and not a negative distraction - Visable fading in spots is a definite No No).  All these factors play into your overall look. 
What I'm Wearing Today
Chanel Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, David Yurman Bracelets, Unbranded Necklace,  BCBG Dress, Unbranded Vintage Clutch, Alexander Wang Heels.

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