Vintage Memo 101 - That Mini Dress


Mini dresses became very popular in the 1960s.  Typical of that time were dresses made of knit materials that enabled the dress to hang better and these dresses were made to last over time.  Additionally, knit materials are comfortable and easy to wear.  I found this dress at a consignment shop of course, and the only editing done was rolling up the sleeves.

Styling Tip  
One of the main things I have noticed about vintage clothing is that the sizes of yesterday are not the sizes of today.  A size 12 measurement of yesterday might be euqal to a size 8 or 10 measurement of today.  So be very careful to try on vintage clothing, or if shopping online ensure you obtain the Bust, Waist, and Hip measurements before you buy.

Short Hem Modifications - This dress is short and if this length makes you feel a little uncomfortable there are a few things you might want to think about doing to edit this dress:

  1. Let the hem down.  Some hems are double rolled and this might add up to an extra two inches.
  2. Let the hem down and add knit material to the bottom.  A good tailor at the dry clearners can do this for you if you're not comfortable doing it yourself.  I would probably add a band of 2-3 inches of off-white knit material to the bottom of this dress, matching the off white color in the original design.  I would look for textured single colored knit material which would give the dress interest without going over board and/or detracting from the original dress design.  The hem is about 1.5 inches in length.  The total length added by this modification would be 3.5 - 4.5 inches making the length more pallet able for some.

What I'm Wearing Today
Oliver Peoples Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Vintage Lucite Bracelet, Vintage Grace & Tone Knit Dress, Unbranded Clutch, Christian Louboutin Heels.

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