Fade to Black & White


Jumpsuits are another favorite of mine.  I wish there was abundantly more good quality affordable options available in the market place today for curvier women.  Jumpsuits are a one stop shop, so they need to be not just stylish but they should also be comfortable and flattering - right?

Styling Tip  
I bought this jumpsuit from Neiman Marcus on sale in the winter of 2012.  I buy about 70-80% of the clothing I wear on-line.  In this way I'm able to vary my wardrobe and extend the options available to me.  Jumpsuits can be very transitional.  I make every attempt to purchase items that I believe won't date quickly, that include patterns and/or colors that will stand the test of time.  

Since jumpsuits are tricky in determining the proper fit (having a pear shape body type), I take note of other garments purchased from designers and a good garment fit (i.e how does the designer dress, skirt and/or pant fit me). This is normally a tall-tail sign that I will also have similar results with the same designer's jumpsuit  as well. Most times the measurement of a garment is provided online.  Armed with this information, I'm usually not disappointed.

What I'm Wearing Today
Oliver Peoples Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Zara Necklace, Vintage Lucite Bracelet, Vintage Clutch, Phoebe Culture Jumpsuit (from Kay Unger), Tracy Reese Shoes. 

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