Minimalistic Style


Minimal in the sense of resisting the urge to add unnecessary additions to a look.  Less is more...  More effective than approaching it from the other direction - at least in my opinion.  I didn't need to add a multitude of accessories or other stuff.  When I learned this, I felt free.  Being minimalistic is just my thing now.

Styling Tip  
It took me some time to figure out my comfort level in knowing when to say when.  Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis one of America's famous icon's even still today, her iconic style is simply effortless.  Never overdone or undone, just simplistic.  My style is very similar.  

So how did I free myself from the urge of overdoing trail an error and never wanting to look overdone or undone of course.  It was a very conscience effort at first.  It was just as simple as looking over a few options in the mirror before leaving the house.  Going with what my inner self selected.  Less versus more...98% of the time "LESS" fit my comfort level and was more appealing for my taste.  Never have I been disappointed when taking a minute or two to select the right option that truly identifies my minimalistic style.

What I'm Wearing Today
Oliver Peoples Sunnies, Lagos Earrings & Ring, Zara Necklace, Unbranded Clutch, David Meister Dress, WCM New York Belt, Christian Louboutin Heels. 

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