Striking A Weight Balance


Black and white is the only color combination that transcends so many barriers.   The average person can make this color duo work no matter what the personal style and/or the individual occasion.  Black and white just works; from day to evening and throughout all seasons; it is an all around favorite for most people...doesn't matter if you are male or female...It's just classic!

Styling Tip  
Since I consider myself to have a minimalistic...sort of simplistic styling, a black and white duo is an easy choice for me.  

Striking A Balance - All things are not necessarily equal.  Just want to point out that although black and white is a sure bet, striking a balance in selecting a shoe was important.  Since I have paired a heavy shoe bootie with a light and airy dress, I also decided to wear a heavier handbag...normally I would grab a small clutch.  However to not have the black leather bootie overpower the light white dress, I opted for a heavier black leather bag with a medium size black leather belt that also helped to give this OOTD balance.  If something about an outfit seems a little off, keep in mind that balance is important.  Trying different options will help identify the best weight coordination for accessories.

What I'm Wearing Today
Bvlgari Sunnies, Lagos Earrings, Hermes Bracelets, Chanel Handbag, BCBG Belt and  Dress, Valentino Heels. 

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