Sunday's Best


Blue seems to be the color of choice this summer for me.  Funny how when using this term it sometimes reflects feelings of sadness.  However, the color blue is actually a very calming color on the emotions.  I'm feeling really blessed this Sunday morning...not feeling "blue" at all.  Getting ready for church in one of my Sunday's Best attire.   Wishing everyone many blessing today and always!

Styling Tip  
Don't be hesitent about selecting multi-colored shoes.  I know this can be a deterent for some.  Instead of looking at the shoe with a coat of many colors, concentrate more on the individual colors.  If the shoe includes many of the colors that you already have in your current wardrobe, then I would say that you will probably have no problem matching the shoe up with what you already have.  But don't despair if that is not the case.  If you don't, then think on whether you have other complimentary or constrasting colors in your wardrobe.  If you do, then adding an accessory (i.e. scarves, bracelets, jewelry, handbag, sunnies, and/or belt) is all you will need to bring more focus to that color to look coordinated with your outfit of the day.  Today all I added was the purple sunnies and belt to coordinate with my shoes...that was easy!

What I'm Wearing Today
Tom Ford Sunnies, Lagos Earrings & Bracelets, , Unbranded Clutch, 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Dress (for Target Collaboration), Nancy Gonzales Belt, Prada Heels. 

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